External Wall Insulation Systems (EWIS) involves the mechanical and adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a new or existing building, which are then covered with mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish. This layered method encases the walls of the building in turn and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily from the property. Application of EWIS to a building will contribute to a good Building Energy Rating (BER), as well as imrpove the air tightness orf the property.

Did you know?

Because the quality of installation and workmanship is critical to achieving the desired design life of the External Insulation System, NSAI has established and an approval scheme for installers, to evaluate and monitor their ongoing performance. We are currently just one of 24 companies in Ireland to hold this prestigious certification.

By using NSAI Agrement Certified ETICS systems and Registered ETICS installers, the homeowner has the assured confidence that the system used is fit for purpose and that it has been installed by a reputable company whose capability has been independently assessed. If you want more information please contact us directly on or click on 086 325 8368

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